Embark Music is a multicultural licensing and distribution platform for artists to partner with to help their music be heard and to open new revenue streams…….


Embark Music represents a variety of music. What makes our music different? We partner with active musicians with music releases and/or touring schedules. We encourage you to check out our artists and listen to some tracks. You’ll catch the authenticity!

  • Bears-and-Company-300-x-298Bears and Company
  • kady-z-300x300Kady Z
  • DegreeZero-Head-Shot-SunglassesDegreeZero
  • dustin-lefholz-new-headshot-300x300Dustin Lefholz
  • Fortunate YouthFortunate Youth

  • Greg LefholzGreg Lefholz

  • Chris-Jasper-300x300Chris Jasper
  • Darling-Parade-300x300Darling Parade
  • Valaska-Head-Shot-300x300Valaska
  • Mark Bodino
  • Kid-Dynamic-300x300Kid Dynamic
  • Hash-Headz-300x300Hash Headz
  • DegreeZero-feat-Greg-300x300DegreZero Feat. Greg Lefholz
  • Austin-Headshot-300x300Austin Grey
  • Alexx-CaliseAlexx Calise
  • AmycanbeAmycanbe
  • An-Ten_Nae copyAn-Ten_Nae
  • The9DeesThe9dees
  • Benny-PageBenny Page
  • Chole-DolandisChloe Dolandis
  • David-Harbottle-and-the-Friendly-CatsDavid Harbottle & The Friendly Cats
  • DJ-UnwindDJ Unwind
  • DoughboysThe Doughboys
  • Dr.-OctavoDr. Octavo
  • Ending Satelittes copyEnding Satellites
  • Michelle Qureshi - Embark ArtistMichelle Qureshi
  • Heaven-and-EarthHeaven & Earth
  • HyphaHypha
  • Ill-GatesIll Gates
  • Issac-HugleyIsaac Hugley
  • Jahdan-BlakkamoreJahan Blakkamore
  • Jason-Heath-&-the-Greedy-SoulsJason Heath & The Greedy Souls
  • Jeremy MichaelsJeremy Michael
  • KaleoKaleo
  • MutiMuti
  • Niki-CrawfordNiki Crawford
  • PistolWhipsThe Pistolwhips
  • PsymbionicPsymbionic
  • Richard-X-HeymanRichard X. Heyman
  • Ron Gelinas copyRon Gelinas
  • SizzlaSizzla
  • SvenSven Atterton
  • That-NoiseThat Noise
  • Hilo-300x300Hiloyuki Kubota
  • Plus-More-Artists

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Fortunate Youth

From their #1 Billboard and iTunes self-titled album comes the video for the single, “Things”.

Video Filmed and Edited by: Mike Davids

Fortunate Youth – Fortunate Youth Available Now!

Kim Tibbs

Official Video for “Soul!”. Directed by Kim Tibbs, Yasmin Merrin, and Marie Boateng. Onsite Photography by Darshelle Sanderfer. Produced by Yasmin Merrin Media. Shot on locations in London, United Kingdom.

Music and Lyrics by Kim Tibbs and Producer Regi Myrix.

About Us

Embark Music is an International Record Label and Licensing Agency founded in the early 2000’s. Based out of the United States our genres include: House, Reggae, Pop, Chillout, Deep House, Trance, Jazz, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Rock, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter. Our artists have reached #1 on iTunes and Billboard and have received Grammy’s and Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductions. Staple artists include: DegreeZero, Dustin Lefholz, Fortunate Youth, Chris Jasper, Michelle Qureshi, Kady Z, Ending Satellites, Sven Atterton, Austin Grey, You Knew Me When among others.